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As long as the planets are turning 
As long as the stars are burning 
As long as your dreams are coming true 
You better believe it 

That I would do anything for love 

Captain Swan vs. Classic Songs  - I’d Do Anything For Love | Meat Loaf

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"Let the fire burn the ice."

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"I prefer dashing rapscallion."
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"Killian, the last time I saw you, you had two hands and did not wear leather pants." He chuckles at that, good hand picking at his hook. "What the hell happened?"

“Crass language for a princess,” he murmurs, eyes downcast.

"I figured you wouldn’t mind, being a pirate at all," she retorts. He says nothing. "Killian, come on. Talk to me. We used to talk all of the time, remember? I called you Killy and you called me Duckling and we were going to get married so that I wouldn’t have to be with some stupid prince."

For allons-youwish from her gorgeous fic, Almosts and Might Have Beens

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where can I uninstall my period

i think if you download pregnancy it blocks it for a few months but then you get a really annoying loud pop up that doesn’t go away for 18 years




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BOOK COVERS COME TO LIFE: Cassandra Clare’s books {the mortal instruments} (6/6)

So cool to see them all together.

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20 favorite quotes that didn’t make it in to the movies

"His eyes burned suddenly and he blinked. He felt stupid for admitting it, but the fact that he had had someone outside Hogwarts who cared what happened to him, almost like a parent, had been one of the best things about discovering his godfather… and now the post owls would never bring him that comfort again." 

"Sirius represented much to you that you had never known before," said Dumbledore gently. "Naturally, the loss is devastating."